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Digital X-Rays

Dentist reviewing digital x-ray with patientDigital radiography is an imaging technique that is replacing the traditional x-ray. This technique was invented in 1987. It was eventually applied to dental uses and is now replacing the traditional x-ray. Digital x-rays plays an important role in preventative and restorative dentistry.

Our team at Precision Dental Specialties uses the latest digital x-ray techniques to provide our patients with the best care possible. Digital radiography is one of the many ways in which we can meet your dental needs. This process is used as part of regularly scheduled exams and cleanings to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy.

What Is Digital Radiography?

Digital radiography is a digital imaging technology that is a safer alternative to traditional x-rays. It is a simple and time-efficient process by which our team can capture images of your teeth. One of our team members will place a digital sensor in the area of your mouth that is being imaged.

The sensor is similar to the traditional "bite wings" used in film-based x-rays, but it is connected to a computer. The images of your teeth are sent to our computer and displayed on the screen for review. These images are stored on the hard drive and do not require a physical print to be generated.

Digital x-rays allow our team to diagnose problems that cannot be detected via a traditional physical examination. Early detection of a potential problem is vital to successful preventative dentistry. Without advanced imaging, problems may go undiagnosed, costing you more time and money than necessary.

Is Digital Radiography Safe?

Digital radiography is extremely safe. In fact, it is significantly safer than traditional x-rays. Digital radiography uses up to 80% less radiation than regular x-rays.

Your peace of mind is at the forefront of our mission. That is why we offer digital x-rays as opposed to traditional x-rays, even though traditional x-rays are still considered safe. We strive to provide the best patient experience possible in all aspects of your diagnosis and treatment.

Why Digital X-Rays?

In addition to being safer than a traditional x-ray, digital x-rays offers many other benefits. Digital images are available for our team to review almost immediately, which means that you will not have to wait for the film to develop. This quick turnaround will save you time and allow our team to focus on patient care.

Digital images are not only efficient, but they are also of higher quality than traditional x-rays. Our team can enhance the view of these images by manipulating the brightness, contrast, and magnification. This provides improved diagnostics and treatment.

Digital images are also easier to store and send to other providers if you require specialized treatment. These images are saved on a hard drive, eliminating the need to store hundreds of films on-site. They are also more environmentally friendly, producing substantially less waste than traditional film x-rays.

Do not settle when it comes to your dental health. Our professionals at Precision Dental Specialties can provide you with great dental care, including the latest in imaging technology.

Contact us at 435-522-5629 or come by our office and meet our team today.
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Digital X-Rays | Precision Dental Specialties | St. George, UT
Our team at Precision Dental Specialties uses the latest digital x-ray techniques to provide our wonderful patients with the best dental care possible.
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