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Multiple Teeth Replacement
St. George, UT

3D rendering of mouth with multiple dental implants at Precision Dental Specialties in St. George, UTDental implants are a common treatment option for replacing one or more lost teeth. These implants can be placed individually or in multiples, depending on the patient's needs. Multiple teeth replacement is a fantastic alternative for patients who have lost several teeth in a row, as it can provide a solid and sturdy platform for a dental bridge or partial denture. Get in touch with Dr. Scott E. Bulloch or Dr. Brandon Bulloch at Precision Dental Specialties so that we can assess your dental condition and offer tooth replacement options that best suit you.

What is Multiple Teeth Replacement?

During the multiple teeth replacement, the jawbone is surgically implanted with two or more dental implants to provide support for a bridge or partial denture. Titanium dental implants are used to replace the tooth roots that have been lost. When the implants have finished fusing with the jawbone, a dental bridge or partial denture can be attached to the top of the implants. This can be done after the implants have been in place for a sufficient amount of time.

What is the Best Option for Multiple Teeth Replacement - a Single Tooth Implant or Multiple Tooth Implants?

The answer to this question depends solely on the individual. It varies from person to person.

The longevity of multiple tooth implants over the long term is one of the most prevalent advantages of this treatment option. Dental implants are a viable choice for multiple teeth replacement because of their potential to last for many years when given the appropriate amount of care. Furthermore, because they are produced to the exact specifications of the patient's natural teeth, they are able to effortlessly integrate with the rest of the patient's teeth, resulting in a smile that appears natural.

On the other hand, a single tooth implant is intended to replace the function of a single tooth that has been lost. The missing tooth's root is replaced during the process by inserting a single dental implant into the jawbone. Following this step, we fix a dental crown that is created to the patient's specifications. Patients who have lost a single tooth as the result of an accident, decay, or other circumstances may find that single tooth implants are an excellent alternative for them.

Why Do Dentists Prefer Multiple Tooth Implants?

The stability and comfort offered by multiple tooth implants sets them apart from other solutions for tooth replacement, such as conventional dentures. This is one of the primary advantages that multiple tooth implants offer. The dental repair will have a stable foundation thanks to the implants, which will allow the patient to eat and speak with full assurance. In addition, the removal of healthy tooth structure is not necessary with multiple tooth implants, but it is sometimes necessary with dental bridges.

Consult Us to Learn More!

Dental implants are a solution for multiple tooth replacement that is both effective and durable. This holds true regardless of whether a patient needs a single tooth implant or multiple tooth implants. Dental implants allow patients to have a beautiful smile that is also functional and healthy when they are placed in conjunction with the assistance of a dental implant specialist. Contact our dentists Dr. Scott E. Bulloch and Dr. Bulloch at Precision Dental Specialties to find out more
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